HighStation Is A Brand Under Its Parent Company Oxy-Gen India

Our Aim

With its profound Himalayan origins, High Station is a cogent path to create a proactive healthy world. Our goal is to not only procure raw and wild items for society but also to empower the less fortunate by providing jobs and bridging the gap between Himalayan farmers and nature lovers.

Our Vision

An honest syndicate striving toward the goal of becoming

Customer-centric – procuring pure food products to influence consumer behavior for a better tomorrow.

Social welfare – We respect our responsibility to society by allocating a considerable portion of our money to the well-being of physically challenged persons and, when feasible, integrating them into our community.

Indigenous – increasing the reach towards natural appetite by connecting the dots between Himalayan farmers and the outside world.

Eco-Friendly – A leap of faith in mother nature’s well-being and success.

Our Mission

An educational tool to dispel the mystery around unauthenticated items and embrace the authenticity of unadulterated food right in your own backyard.

Our Philosophy

Eat well, sleep well, live well, and repeat.

Our Essence

A modest in-house brand established in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, located in the Shivalik Himalayas. Founded by two local friends who quit corporate careers to pursue their passion for the Himalayas and the peaceful area in which they grew up.

Being foodies, they noticed that the taste of the same cuisine they ate in the cities differed. Not just in terms of taste, but also in terms of nutritional worth.

These regional foods are enjoyed in their natural habitats and do not make it to the cities. High Station was founded to fill the gap and expand the reach of these food products.

We pledge to maintain a high level of product quality and adherence in order to keep you associated with us.