What Would Happen If Bees Went Extinct?

What Would Happen If Bees Went Extinct?

Albert Einstein, in a famous quote, said if there were no bees, the world as we know it wouldn’t last long.

It is a “curious” thing to say for one of the most brilliant and renowned scientists to have ever lived. Can it really be true? How dependent are we on bees?

Why Are Bees Going Extinct?

Large-scale land use changes, industrialized farming methods like monocultures, and the harmful use of pesticides have all contributed to the destruction of bees’ habitats and the reduction of their food sources, putting them at risk of extinction.

Why Are Bees Important?

We fail to realize that bees are crucial to our ecosystem, food supply, and daily existence.

They cross-pollinate pollen among various plants while collecting nectar from their flowers.Without them, the world would be missing out on a lot of food, and we’re not just talking about the tasty honeycomb they make!

Bees are necessary pollinators for about 35 percent of our food crops and most blooming plants.

Plants aren’t the only things that rely on pollination from bees.

Bees also pollinate plants that provide critical habitat for wildlife, including other pollinators. According to fossil research, bees are so intertwined with flowering plants that even their evolution is affected by each other.

This is why we need to be more proactive in saving bees, because, no bees, no us!

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